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Unfortunately, the Podium is no longer with us. Watch the movie on this page to look back on this succesfull project. Check the agenda to see our current activities.

A second life for The Podium

A precondition for constructing The Podium, the temporary intervention on Het Nieuwe Instituut’s roof, was finding the most effective reuse of its materials once dismantled. After a successful summer programme of activities and guests, countless selfies, meeting new visitors and strengthening community ties, this impressive pink structure’s disassembly took place. The institute is working with innovative design initiatives to repurpose the remains and curb avoidable waste.

Local design agency TTOTT, ‘The Talk of the Town’ – world-famous for its Rotterdam-inspired Willemsbrug lamp, Maastunnel bench and Noordsingel key box – is cleaning up and processing The Podium’s brightly coloured carpet, stairwell and floor cladding into a multifunctional side table/step stool/magazine rack. This sculptural relic is available to order from 8 September. Have your moment on the pink carpet daily in the comfort of your living room. Read more on the TTOTT Design website.

The wood panels were disassembled, sorted and brought to Germany. During the Thuringia Summer School, a global student cohort discussed social and ecological issues. This project is part of the Design & Build international collaboration between various institutes and universities, including TU DelftBauhaus-Universität WeimarUC ChileTU WienTU Berlin (CODE)IBA ThüringenSto StiftungLandengelAIR and the  Veldacademie.

The Podium was at the heart of Rotterdam Architecture Month. The latter has written an article, with an accompanying video by the Veldacademie, about the festival heart’s new life.

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The Podium was made possible thanks to the generous support of: