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Eric Vloeimans is an eagerly awaited guest of NSJ because there are not many trumpet players who draw so many different timbres from their instrument, play so intensely, and have the know-how to carry the audience along. He describes the different stories, large and small, that he tells with his intuitive playing and velvety tones as ‘tales from life’. Vloeimans received the Edison Jazz Oeuvre Prize in 2020, one of many acknowledgements for his melodic and lyrical power and characteristic sound. Both solo and in collaborations, he shows that he is brimming with ideas and unafraid to experiment.

In this concert, he embarks on an adventure with Jeroen van Vliet, a pianist who, according to the jury of the Boy Edgar Prize, which he received in 2014, is ‘one of the great poets of improvised music.’ Vloeimans and Van Vliet have a musical bond of more than twenty-five years – including in Vloeimans’ bands Gatecrash and Levanter – which underscores the trust inherent to their explorations. ‘They take you on a journey where it’s not about the final destination but the experiences along the way.’

This is a concert around lunchtime. Het Nieuwe Café by Het Nieuwe Instituut is open for lunch, though lunch is not included in the price and cannot be taken to Het Podium. Please send an email to for your lunch reservation.

12:45 – 14:00

Het Nieuwe Instituut
Museumpark 25
3015 CB Rotterdam


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