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Ambient Trip Commander

Ambient Trip Commander tells the story of Samantha Tapfersten, a geeky young woman leading a pretty boring life in a medium-sized European city. She works at a synthesizer shop and spends her lonely nights playing RPGs. One day she receives a cryptic email from a hacker group who invite her to Lonetal, a remote village somewhere deep in the Alps. On her way there, things become increasingly sinister and she uncovers a huge mystery.

Ambient Trip Commander is the first feature animation film made by Danny Wolfers aka Legowelt. The animation, in which Wolfers’ paintings come to life, is hand drawn, frame-by-frame, using vibrant watercolors and is the achievement of a laborious process which took 18 months to accomplish.

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With a running time of 70 minutes, Ambient Trip Commander presents a full original soundtrack made by Wolfers himself, which he will perform live during screenings and which features improvisation on synthesizer. Ambient Trip Commander offers a profound and visually stimulating voyage into Wolfers’ intriguing – and at times, uncanny – fictive world through animation and sound.

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